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Matt Fryers was born in 1982 in Manchester.

His musical journey began at the age of 10, when he learnt to play the keyboard, he later included vocals and guitar into his repertoire and went on to join his first band Hardy in 2003 as lead singer/songwriter until they split in 2005.  Matt then joined Casual Riot in 2007, taking the same role until they disbanded in 2010. Since then Matt has been refining his skills as a solo acoustic artist.


In 2014, Matt released 2 tracks for Manchester based label Scruff of The Neck Records. As part of their ‘Mix Tape Volume 1 album'. The album features 4 bands, along with Matt, being the only solo artist chosen to be involved. Reaffirming his talent and ability to shine as an artist, even when set alongside bands. Listen to it here


2016 saw Matt taking a brief break from the norm, collaborating with Belgian Hardstyle Producer, DJ Coone, Matt features on the track Last Man Standing. The album 'Less is More' which features artists such as Steve Aoki, Hard Driver and Frequencerz is available now at and all the usual places, spotify, itunes etc.

2017 will be an excellent year if you're a Matt Fryers fan. The new release 'Raw - The Live Sessions' is out now and available for FREE download, click here  This is the first in a number of releases planned for this year, as 'Raw' will be followed by 'Wasteland'.   You can catch Matt playing all the tracks from 'Raw', plus his usual mix of originals and covers at venues across the country. Click here for more info on events or follow the facebook page for more insights and updates.

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